Raw Bar – Purple Corn Acai

With Amazonian Acai berry, Hibiscus and the earthy goodness of Purple Corn, this blend has tarty fruit flavour tones and is full of antioxidants.
Cacao: 65% Criollo Cacao
Weight: 55g
Ingredients: Raw Criollo cacao*, coconut nectar*, cacao butter*, ground purple corn*, freeze dried acai*.
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Product Description

Purple Corn Acai

Incredibly rich in antioxidants. Purple Corn Acai is subtle and velvety, with a hint of Acai berry, hibiscus and the earthy goodness of Purple Corn.



Acai berries are wild harvested from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. They are jam-packed with nutritional and health benefits. They are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants you’ll ever find. The Acai berries in one of our bars is equivalent to 60 blueberries.

Purple Corn

Corn or Maiz has always been one of the most sacred plants for all the Americas. The organic non-GMO variety of purple corn we use is botanically very similar to the common yellow table corn but with higher content of minerals and vitamins. It is rich in cell protecting antioxidants, as well as containing anti-inflammatory properties, promoting tissue regeneration.