Our Story

Tonantzin Chocolate was founded by the creative husband-and-wife team of Antonia from Melbourne and Fernando from the central valley of Mexico. They met in Oslo, Norway, during their travels. Filled with inspiration, together they travelled to Mexico, where Fernando guided Antonia through his beautiful homeland. Here they fell in love with each other and these ancient lands, and began to discover the ancient medicinal wisdom of Mexico.


Travelling through Southern Mexico, Antonia and Fernando experienced ceremonies with a respected Huichol medicine man and other medicine peoples. They quickly realized how important and sacred cacao was, and continues to be, to the indigenous people of Mexico. This fueled their dedication to learn more about the ancient super foods and cacao from the traditional peoples of Mexico.


It struck them that almost everyone loves chocolate, and it is enjoyed widely throughout the world, yet very few people know about the wonderful health benefits or consider the spiritual value that is unique to cacao.

Throughout Mexico, cacao is used as a sacred element in many ceremonies, as offerings to the spirit world, and even for divination. The Huichol and other indigenous people leave cacao in sacred places to express their love for Mother Earth, and share it in ceremony to open their hearts together. We can all share in this, as cacao is already in our lives; now here is an opportunity to deepen that connection.

Fernando is known in Melbourne for his practice of Aztec dance. He has also been trained in the traditional cleansing ceremony of the Temazcal. His passion for the wisdom of his ancestors runs deep in his veins, and he is committed to preserving and protecting the knowledge of the indigenous cultures of Mexico and Anahuak (the whole American continent).


Antonia’s work as an artist and graphic designer launched the creation of the Tonantzin illustrative artwork. The design is a collage of original Aztec sculptures. The chocolate mold is a replica of Aztec stone carvings, in appreciation of the cultural beauty of ancient Mexico and the sacred origins of chocolate.

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