Experience the Sacred Origins of Chocolate


Our Philosophy

Tonantzin-feb15-029Tonantzin is the Aztec word for Sacred Mother Earth.

Our passion is to create a chocolate experience that embodies the rich and sacred origins of cacao from the ancient cultures of Mexico, while using amazingly healthy ingredients that give vitality, and energy. Our handcrafted recipes reflect the use of a spectrum of ancient super foods, enhancing the message that food can be sacred, and chocolate can be good for you! We believe our own health and vitality is deeply intertwined with our connection to nature and the web of life we exist within.

Why Raw?

cacao-tree-tonanzinRaw chocolate promotes optimum health, supports our connection to the natural world and improves our feelings and mood. Cacao is traditionally a medicine plant that opens our heart, on an emotional level. Interestingly, raw cacao has been found to be one of the best natural support for our hearts on a physical level too, aiding cardiovascular function, along with memory support and improved brain function. Cacao also act as an ideal carrier for other nutrients to our blood vessels, which is why we have crafted our chocolate to contain other super foods, with their own impressive array of health benefits.

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How we make our Chocolate

cacao-tonanzin-2We stone grind our raw chocolate from the highest quality organic and wild harvested ingredients, using evaporated coconut nectar as our sweetener.

In true artisanal style, our chocolate is hand tempered in small batches to give it the snap and sheen of traditional chocolate, whilst retaining the naturally high antioxidant levels of raw cacao, by carefully keeping it under 42 degrees at all times during the process.

Using super foods from the ancient Americas, we have crafted four exciting flavours which are finely balanced in flavour tones and nutritional value.

huichol-deer-tonantzinTraditionally it is said that the spirit of the cacao must be invited in. We believe in maintaining this in our mindful preparation of our chocolate, and the environment it is created within, and hold a rich heartfelt intention as we prepare it. In this way we work with the cacao vibrationally, and with gratitude for the gift that it is. We say thank you to the spirit of Cacao and the Earth with offerings and medicine songs as we prepare it, to infuse it on all levels with its true medicinal qualities.

Harvesting and Processing

open-cocoa-pod-tonantzinOur cacao beans are organic and sourced from a cooperative of several farmers who cultivate the premium Criollo Theobroma cacao in its native environment. These farmers have received training on how to cultivate cacao without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

tonantzin-blockThe beans are extracted from the inside of the cacao fruit, which contains both the beans (seeds) and a white pulp. The beans are separated from the pulp and left to ferment for 5-6 days. After fermentation, the beans go through a drying process below 40oC.

The cacao beans are then husked and ground to produce cacao paste. During this process, part of the cacao paste is pressed to separate the cacao butter from what is now called the cacao cake. The cake is then pulverized to become cacao powder. We use a combination of cacao paste cacao powder and cacao butter to make out chocolate base.

Our Packaging and Suppliers

We believe strongly in looking after our Earth, and that actions are greater than words. For that reason we have made our packaging eco-friendly. Our boxes are printed with vegetable inks on eco-card from sustainably managed plantations, and are fully recyclable. The inner wrapper around our chocolate is a sustainably sourced plant-based cellulose product. It’s specially designed to be biodegradable, so you can put it in your compost.


Our ingredients are carefully selected from the best reputable suppliers of produce and either certified organic or sustainably wild-harvested. We support suppliers who work together with the local community co-operatives, who practice sustainable methods and who give back to the local communities.

Tonantzin Chocolate is a small family-owned and run business that is growing strong foundations of ethical business partnerships internationally. We are working towards attaining independent organic certification. Every effort is made to ensure every ingredient is GM-free, chemical-free, and ethically harvested.